About Us

About Us

Our History

The history of this congregation began in 1933.  The first building was quite small & was built in 1934.  The building was enlarged twice before the current building was built.  The original members had a very small plot of land.  In July 1938, a local family, the Presley's, sold a larger plot of land to the congregation for $10. 

The old church building was an integral part of the community.  Its church bell announced services for adults & children from the Wildercroft community.  Children would ride sleds down the road in front of the building & go inside to warm themselves - the building was never locked in those early years. 

A small group was meeting here when James McBroom (a preacher from the 14th Street church of Christ in Washington, DC) held a gospel meeting at Wildercroft.  That meeting led to worship after the New Testament order (with substantial help from the 14th Street, Avalon Heights, & Anacostia SE congregations). 

This early help & guidance led this congregation into becoming a true & scriptural church.  In the 1940s, this congregation would not exist without the help & dedication of faithful women.  Often, there would be very few men (1-3) in attendance.  The women still attended, brought their children, & taught Bible classes when no men were present.  They also did much of the physical labor necessary to maintain the building & grounds.  These women were truly the righteous women of Proverbs 31:10-31!

About 1950, the congregation engaged an evangelist to work regularly with the congregation.  Some of those from other congregations that had been working with the Wildercroft congregation became members.