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LTYB Radio Program - September 27, 2014

Series: Listen To Your Bible

Questions Answered During This Broadcast

  1.  What did Paul mean when he said, "When I am weak, then I am strong"?
  2. Why do I have to be baptized when the thief on the cross was not baptized?
  3. CALL IN QUESTION - Speaking in tongues...What does the Scriptures say about this?
  4. CALL IN QUESTION - What is modesty in dress?
  5. CALL IN QUESTION - Since God is patient, does this mean that He is not through with us yet?
  6. CALL IN QUESTION - Please explain Romans 8:26-28 & does this have anything to do with being slain in the Spirit?
  7. CALL IN QUESTION - What does it mean to pray in the Holy Ghost?
  8. CALL IN QUESTION - What does the Bible mean when it says we are gods?
  9. What are the qualifications of a Bishop?
  10. CALL IN QUESTION - How does God see a person who is divorced & marries someone else?


Hosting: Mark Ostroff, Clifford Muse, & Kenny Anderson

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