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LTYB Radio Program - November 1, 2014

Series: Listen To Your Bible

Questions Answered During This Broadcast

  1.  Ephesians 5:19 & Colossians 3:16 command singing in New Testament worship.  Is it scriptural to clap during singing?
  2. CALL IN QUESTION - Can you please explain Ezekiel 37:4?
  3. When is the rapture going to happen?
  4. Romans 16:16 - What exactly is a holy kiss?
  5. What is the apostles' doctrine?
  6. Is it absolutely necessary to attend a church on Sunday?  Can't you simply read the Bible or watch a religious program instead?
  7. What are the 7 deadly sins?
  8. CALL IN QUESTION - If my doctrine disagrees with the apostles' doctrine, should the apostles be rebuked?
  9. CALL IN QUESTION - Can I lose my salvation?
  10. CALL IN QUESTION - Are there prophets on the Earth today?


Hosting: Antoine Holloway (Evangelist), Dan Jackson (Elder), Mark Ostroff, & Melvin Morrison

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