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LTYB Radio Program - November 8, 2014

Series: Listen To Your Bible

Questions Answered During This Broadcast

  1.  Does the Bible provide instructions on how to study it i.e. God's Word?
  2. Must all baptized believers have the ability to speak in tongues?
  3. CALL IN QUESTION - What does the Bible say about dealing with persecution?
  4. CALL IN QUESTION - If God is all powerful, then why did He kill the serpent in the garden of Eden?
  5. CALL IN QUESTION - Are the illnesses we receive considered spirits?
  6. CALL IN QUESTION - Acts 1:8...What does this mean?
  7. What does the Bible mean when it says that your sins will find you out?
  8. CALL IN QUESTION - You are misleading the listeners regarding the Holy Spirit.  What do you have to say about that?


Hosting: Dan Jackson (Elder), Antoine Holloway (Evangelist), Clifford Muse, & Kenny Anderson

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