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LTYB Radio Program - January 24, 2015

Series: Listen To Your Bible

Questions Answered During This Broadcast

  1. Is it okay for churches to collect offerings during the middle of the week during gospel or revival meetings?
  2. CALL IN QUESTION - What is the rapture & what is the reason for it?
  3. We noticed that you all teach that Jesus is God & the Father is God & the Holy Spirit is God.  Are you say that there are 3 gods?
  4. Referencing Romans 13:1-2, Habakkuk 1-2, Psalm 75:6-7, & Daniel 2:20-21, does God still determine today who our governing authorities are in today's governments?  If so, why even vote if He puts into office whomever He chooses?
  5. Is there authority for taking communion to those who are sick at home or who may be in the hospital?
  6. In Matthew 27:50-51, what is the significance of the veil being torn?
  7. CALL IN QUESTION - Can we really worship anywhere i.e. at home by ourselves?
  8. CALL IN QUESTION - Where in the Bible does it say women are not to preach in the pulpit?
  9. What does the Bible say about 1 man being the pastor of several different congregations in different locations?  There are many TV ministers who are pastoring different congregations in different cities.

Hosting: Mark Ostroff, Antoine Holloway (Evangelist), Clifford Muse, & Kenny Anderson

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