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LTYB Radio Program - February 14, 2015

Series: Listen To Your Bible

Questions Answered During This Broadcast

  1. Is it appropriate to sell the Word of God in Church amongst the members?
  2. CALL IN QUESTION - Is Valentine's Day in the Bible?
  3. Matthew 27:32, the person who helped Jesus carry the cross, & Luke 11:21, the strong man.  Who are these men?
  4. John 3:16-17 teaches that God loves us, but why does God love us?
  5. Is it okay to drink or eat blood or eat meat with blood in it?
  6. Can you please explain Titus 1:5-9?
  7. CALL IN QUESTION - How was the Bible put together into 66 books?  Was there any annointing on the people who compiled it?
  8. CALL IN QUESTION - Please explain diligence in Proverbs 4:23.

Hosting: Dan Jackson (Elder), Antoine Holloway (Evangelist), Clifford Muse, & Kenny Anderson

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